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The DoctorInternet guide to medical tourism

Medical tourism – travelling abroad for medical or dental treatment or surgery - is becoming more and more common for people all over the world. Cosmetic surgery is becoming popular with patients who combine low cost surgery with a holiday in tourist destinations such as the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, and South Africa. The reduction in NHS dental services in the United Kingdom is encouraging people to look overseas to countries such as Poland and Hungary for savings on expensive treatments such as dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. And people faced with a long waiting list or who have concerns about infection in hospitals are seeking overseas treatment for heart conditions, hip and knee replacements and general surgery.

But, for the Arab patient considering medical tourism, there are many concerns. What are the conditions like in clinics abroad? Is the surgeon or dentist suitably qualified? Where can I get the best deal? What questions should I ask about the treatment?

This guide attempts to answer those questions and guides the patient through the medical tourism process. It has been developed through the experience that we have gained through operating both the Treatment Abroad website and DoctorInternet which provides advice on medical travel in English and Arabic language versions.

About the DoctorInternet web site

DoctorInternet is the only medical tourism web site that provides information specifically for Arabic speaking patients. The site provides access to information about clinics, hospitals, and specialists in the USA, Europe and the rest of the world that are attracting patients from Arabic speaking countries.. For many destinations, we provide information covering the healthcare services available, doctor accreditation, treatment costs and travel and accommodation.


While Intuition Communication Ltd has no reason to believe that there are inaccuracies or defects in any of the information published in this guide, it makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to the fitness of the information for any purpose whatsoever. In providing the information to users, no contractual obligation is or has been constituted between the user and Intuition Communication Ltd and no duty of care is owed to the user. If a court rules that Intuition Communication Ltd in fact owes a duty of care to the user, Intuition Communication Ltd will not be liable for any direct or indirect consequences, loss or damages arising from use of this information save for death and personal injury arising as a result of Intuition Communication Ltd’s negligence.

The information in this guide should not be used as a basis for diagnosis, choice of treatment or choice of medical practitioner. It is intended that the information published in this guide shall enable users to conduct their own research into medical tourism services.

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