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Private surgery and medical treatment in Belgium


Offering some of the best medical treatment and an excellent reputation in its hospitals and clinics, the high level of surgical expertise in Belgium evolves from many years of training.  All doctors are trained for a minimum of seven years and specialists for 12 years, and the high quality health care system is renowned all over the world. 

Belgium has a large number of private hospitals and the independent status of its hospitals means that revenues and profit are ploughed back into new equipment and technology.  In a recent study by The World Markets Research Centre (a leading provider of independent business and industry intelligence) Belgium ranked top for medical purposes out of 175 countries, not least because secondary infection rates average less than 0.5%.  Hygiene and post operative care are first rate and international statistics show cases of MRSA are non-existent in Belgium.

Flexibility in the hospital infrastructure means that patients are seen almost immediately and more often than not after cosmetic surgery, for example, patients can leave the clinic on the same day.  In Belgium you'll find top class care, cleanliness, efficiency and affordable cost, which really make it a very viable option for surgery abroad.

Treatments offered in Belgium

Treatments offered in Belgium

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